A Proven Leader We Can Trust

See what people are saying about Ron DeSantis:

“Ron DeSantis is a conservative reformer who is willing to take on leaders of both parties to tackle our nation’s daunting fiscal challenges exness. Ron understands that excessive spending and government regulation will not foster economic growth and will hinder American’s opportunity to pursue their dreams. As a Navy reserve officer and Iraq veteran, Ron has a demonstrated record of service to our country that will help make him a leader in the U.S. House. I urge voters in Florida’s 6th congressional district to send Ron DeSantis to Congress.”

- Former Governor, Jeb Bush


“Ron DeSantis is a Constitutional conservative who will help reform Washington and restore our commitment to the free enterprise and limited government — principles that have made America exceptional for over two centuries exness sign up. He believes in reducing the burdens of bureaucracy and red tape on individuals and businesses and in fostering economic growth and job creation. Ron will help us repeal ObamaCare, cut spending and enact pro-growth tax reform. As a Navy officer and Iraq veteran, Ron is committed to rebuilding our military and supporting our troops. I strongly urge voters in Florida’s 6th congressional district to send Ron DeSantis to Congress.”

-U.S. Senator Marco Rubio


“I’m happy to endorse Ron DeSantis for Congress. Ron is a champion for constitutionally limited government, individual liberty and a strong national defense. As a Navy officer and Iraq veteran, Ron understands the need for strong U.S. leadership in the world. We need to send conservatives like Ron to Congress so that we can rebuild our military and repair the damage wrought by the Obama administration exness forex broker.”

- Ambassador John Bolton, Fox News Contributor


Ron DeSantis “will bring to Congress extraordinary public sector and private sector skills and wisdom to better solve problems and represent his Congressional District and the Republic. We have endorsed another Combat Veteran For Congress that General George Washington would have approved of. He is a Veteran who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America’ for an amount ‘up to and including his life.’”

-Joseph R. John, Co-Founder and Chairman, Combat Veterans for Congress


“Ron DeSantis is exactly the type of guy we need to clean up Washington. He is a conservative reformer who will work to cut spending, reduce the debt and reign in the size and scope of the federal government. I am confident that his experience as a prosecutor, service in the military and knowledge of the Constitution will make him a leader in the U.S. Congress.”

-Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida


“I have seen a lot of candidates and Ron DeSantis is one of the most impressive I have encountered.  He has an impeccable resume and sterling military service record and he backs it up with strong conservative principles and a proven dedication to the Constitution. Ron is the type of leader that conservatives can count on and he will make an immediate impact in the House of Representatives. Ron is clearly committed to the type of bold reforms that are necessary to re-limit government and to save our country from fiscal ruin. I urge Republicans in the 6th congressional district to support him enthusiastically.”

- U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)


“I’m proud to endorse Ron DeSantis for Congress because I know he will stand up for the rule of law and get tough on illegal immigration. Ron’s service in Iraq and as a prosecutor gives me confidence in his ability to take on the insiders and be a conservative leader in Congress. Ron is the conservative we can trust.”

- Sheriff Joe Arpaio


“Ron DeSantis represents a new generation of conservative leadership dedicated to constitutionally limited government. I am proud to endorse Ron to be the next conservative congressman from Northeast Florida and urge Republicans to vote for him in the primary on August 14th.  I am confident that Ron will be a champion for smaller and more accountable government in Washington, DC.”

- Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater


“Ron DeSantis is a principled conservative and America desperately needs him in Washington.  Ron will fight to cut spending, balance the budget, and reform our nearly bankrupt entitlement system. We need more citizen-legislators like Ron who will stand up to both parties and make the hard choices to save our country from fiscal ruin. The Club for Growth PAC strongly endorses Ron DeSantis for Congress.”

Chris Chocola, President of the Club for Growth


“Ron DeSantis is the perfect example of a constitutionally-limited government candidate. He can speak from a position of authority on constitutional issues, and he will lead the fight to return to a government rooted in the Constitution.”

- Max Pappas, FreedomWorks PAC Executive Director


“I’m happy to endorse Ron DeSantis. He has the knock out combo of being both a veteran and a conservative.  If we want to improve the caliber of our representation in Congress, that’s the profile of those who will restore confidence in Congress.”

- Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief, RedState.com


“Although Ron DeSantis never held public office before, he has a deeper understanding of our nation’s founders and founding documents than almost anyone in Congress.  We are fully confident that he will only vote for bills that are in compliance with the Constitution and our free enterprise system, even if that means challenging party leaders. DeSantis will also not shirk from defending our traditional American values as some in the party have done.”

- Jim Ryun, Chairman, Madison Project   


“Ron DeSantis is a Reagan conservative who will stand for limited government principles and traditional values.  Ron represents a new generation of conservative leadership – he is pro-life, strong on marriage issues and is committed to bold reforms. He will be a leader in Congress and will be an articulate defender of the Constitution.”

- Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum


“Ron DeSantis is a conservative reformer who will be a leader in Congress, He has a strong background, including experience as a prosecutor and in the military, and has a core set of strong conservative principles. Ron is the type of guy we need to send to Washington to help get our country back on track.”

- Sheriff John Rutherford, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office


“Ron DeSantis is a true conservative we can trust to reform Washington, DC. I’m happy to endorse Ron because I know that he understands we need get our economy going again by reducing the reach of government and lowering the burden it places on our job creators and innovators. Trying to reform Congress is a job I’m all too familiar with and we need dedicated conservatives like Ron to stand up for our values now more than ever.”

- Commissioner Adam Putnam


“Ron DeSantis, Iraq vet, Navy hero, bronze star, Yale, Harvard Law, running for Congress in Florida.  Very impressive.”

- Donald Trump


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